Thursday, June 15, 2017

A response to "Seeing is Not Perceiving"

Seeing is Not Perceiving” by Anil Ananthaswamy
(on Beau Lotto book, The Science of Seeing Differently)

Hi Anil & Editors,
I enjoyed your article "Seeing is not perceiving." True perceiving does involve all the senses and can project them beyond the physical body. Remote Viewing (RV) is a form of visual perception that is used by many governments for spying on each other. It's recognized as a valid, accurate form of perceiving events and objects in our current and past realities.
Seeing involves just part of the conscious mind, perceiving involves all six of our mind-brains. As an artist I learned to RV the interior of objects to see objects in a non-linear way, viewing their interiors as well as their exteriors.
As a teacher of art in 1958 I taught my students to RV, to perceive the (interior) inside structure as well as the (exterior) outside structure. With practice, the perception of visual Remote Viewing (controlled by focusing an intention)can view any time any place. the art students in my classes were 10 to 18 years old. We would RV into paintings to touch the "tabs" of information the artist left behind. they quickly learned to RV into their textbooks, research materials, and into the scores of music to learn from the authors of those works.
I have friends that use interior RV in their business. One is a chemical engineer. He can RV the interaction of molecules in a chemical formula. another friend is an electrical engineer. He specializes in viewing the interior workings of the functioning of the hardware and software within computer routers. He is able to correct the "glitch" in software as it functions. Another was a doctor. He could "view" the interior condition of an illness, injury, or healing of injuries, and make his diagnosis of the patient's problem and recovery process.
Learning the mental skill of RV interior and exterior view is not difficult to learn. The art students I referred to earlier learned within half an hour. I hosted an RV workshop for 100 people and they were looking into reproductions (of artwork) within fifteen minutes. Visual Remote Viewing is classified as an "out-of-body experience."
Other Remote Viewings are easily mastered through focused intentions. One style that I constantly used during my assignment as a forward observer for a heavy mortar company during the Korean War was an Astrol form.
The Astrol form is a wispy consistency similar to the form of a ghost. Standard visual Remote Viewing is not visible. The Astrol form is visible. My observation post was with the Thai troops and as Buddhists they accepted the Astrol projections without questions. My nightly Astrol reconnaissance gave authenticity to my reports to the Thai command as the reconnaissance was made by a perceived (seen) entity. Seven Thai soldiers were my personal guard during the time when my corporeal body was in the RV / Astrol trance. My website, has more information on Remote Viewing plus RV training materials. In the 10 years of its existence, the demographics are interesting, there is a substantial interest group for such a specialized information niche. The site has over 400 subscribers from 52 different countries and a site tabulation of 40,000 viewers. that tabulation does not include viewers on subscribers sites.
Prof. Roger Armstrong (retired)

tel. # 541-552-1021