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One Experimental Technique I Used as an Art Teacher

In 1958 I was teaching art in a University Experimental Education (Kindergarten through 12th grade) School.
As an art teacher I taught my art students (3rd grade through 12th grade) to remotely internal view (RIV) into paintings, reproductions of paintings, and photographs, and organized still life arrangements. In paintings it is possible to see / view several different timelines simultaneously. You can see segments of the artist's vision / views and the current “now” occurrences that are adjacent to but not part of the artist's vision. In 2005, I held a Remote Viewing workshop and taaught slightly over 100 people ranging in age from 18 to 83 and all could Remote View objects internally and externally.
Symbols written or contained in crafted objects can hold the equivalent of books of information. Each creative construction by a “being,” the writings, art, sculpture, music, or design has tabs attached to the “inside dimension” of the object. When you “enter” a creation you can touch these tabs that are attached to a section of color, form, or symbol, and they will give you the reason the author selected them to represent their thought, explanation detailing the artist's decision-making process. The students quickly applied this skill to their textbooks, sheet music, and to assigned readings to gain further meaning. This technique is very easy to learn and most people can master it easily within a half-hour. Using telepathy I led each class of 15 to 18 students to standard external Remote View and Remote Internal Viewing practice in plus or minus 20 to 30 minutes.
When the spherical minds are presented with a problem they function as a cooperative to consider all possible solutions to this psychical mind-brain team. They assist each other in developing different possible solutions.
I've had the students who used this technique to solve the whole problem of a organizing a drawing or painting for its rendering.
After viewing the blank canvas for a minute or so, one student would start in the upper left corner and paint as if he was peeling a cover off of the painting, another student after contemplation rendered the whole painting in scattered parts one color at a time, a dab here and a dab there until the painting was completed. Their focus was so intense that they, as the artist, became the art as they worked.

Roger Armstrong, MA, MS, MFA, CHT
(Professor Retired, and former Secretary of NAEA.)
phone: 541-552-1021

Understanding Pollock's Perception of Art

Using Remote Interior Viewing

[In response to an article in New Scientist Magazine, Dec. 2016.]

The technique to view Pollock's art is to stand about 10 feet from the chosen painting by Pollock and focusing intently on its center slowly walk up to it. About 5 feet from the painting a spot in its center will form. At two feet the spot will open and let you mentally / visually enter it. Attached to colors, shapes and form are small “tags” that are attached to all of the elements of the painting. Touch a “tab” and it will tell you why the artist chose it to be what and why that placement was necessary to the painting.
With this information you can understand the full intensity of Pollock's vision and the extreme deliberateness of placing the small streams of color in a very skilled, deliberate application of paint.
This technique of viewing the inside structure of a painting is a form of Remote Viewing (RV), called remote Interior Viewing (RIV). Remote viewing is the viewing skill that is used by many government spy (intelligence) agencies.
I used this skilled technique as an art tool teaching the 200 art students (ages 10 to 13) to understand and develop the perceptual concepts inherent in all created objects. To go to a museum field trip was a favorite art class activity. We developed a 13-point questionnaire to record our individual interior viewings that were the basis for recall and discussion.

Roger Armstrong

A side point of interest was the view / perception of the artist that usually involved perceptions from different specific timelines that were blended into one creative work of art. Having 10-year-old art students develop a concept of the structure of “time” based on their experience of segmenting it for actual viewing was an exciting treat for me. Another offshoot of that internal viewing was that the students were able to enter a creative work quickly and with an intense focus. Hand-held musical scores and text books interiors enabled a dialogue of the intentions with their authors.

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Psychic Protection for Mind and Body Using Shielding

There are two basic types of shielding, one is for protection from people or beings that invade your mind to control or modify your thoughts, actions, and / or memory. The other is to protect you from physical acts with the intent to physically harm you with a weapon. On different occasions I have used both types of shielding. I use the mental protections against mental intrusions daily and the protective physical shield when I was in combat situations during the Korean War.
I was presented with my psychic mental shield by my grandpa and my friend Guardian in a formal ceremony of their making.
Grandpa had decorated the grand room with bunches of birch leaves and guardian gave me a birch leaf garland crown to wear on my head. I stood on a granary chest as they both performed a sing-song chant. As grandpa removed the birch leaf crown and guardian knelt on one knee to place the glittering chain mail helm over my head and shoulders. I could feel it's energy. Guardian stood next to Grandpa. The chant ended with their heads bowed. I could feel the energy of the helmet and was startled at the lack of thought noise.
They stood a step toward me and we joined hands smiling. They were very pleased with themselves. They both spoke to me telepathically and I replied in kind. They had me practice opening and closing the shielding several times.. It was easy for me to do. I liked the quietness.
[Over the years I modified that basic head-shoulder shielding and Rog'has has modified my protective helmet even more. ]
After putting it on I no longer heard the chaos of the myriad random thoughts that beings broadcast, but with controlled focus, I had the ability to select what I or who I could be telepathic with.
Most people have a weak mind thought shield so that their thought conclusions leak out. The result is a noisy jumble. Your head shield should give you the ability to 'tune' the clutter out. The other, natural Earth beings have a positive control of the intensity and direction their thoughts take. They don't often openly broadcast their thoughts, but direct them to the specific destinations. When speaking to them, use picture telepathy and be very polite. Humans do not picture talk to the “Naturals” often, so they will be startled at first and then they will become pleased to communicate with you (if they are not in a conversation with another being).
Trees are interesting to talk to. Their longevity is much greater than ours and they have developed an extensive local network of information. But back to our subject of shielding.
When I enlisted in the army my Guardian – my original psychic ability trainer and friend – introduced me to an entity named Rog'has who agreed to a symbiotic relationship with me in the form of a five-layer commander's shield. Under the control of Rog'has this shield protects me from psychic mental assaults and accidental or deliberate physical act that were directed at me during Army training and during combat on the front line during the Korean war.
I was a Forward Observer (FO) for a heavy mortar company embedded with/assigned to the Thailand UN contingent and was targeted by the Chinese,(as all FO's were.) I used my psychic abilities as an Astrol (ghost-like) form at night to gather intelligence about any Chinese preparation to mount another assault on our line.
During combat I asked Rog'has to extend our shielding to protect the Thai soldiers that joined the 5 Thai's who were assigned to protect and aid me while on the front line. This physical shielding would prevent bullets and shrapnel from penetrating it from harming us and there were circumstances when the Chinese massively attacked the UN line and we were fully exposed to Chinese weapon fire for five or six hours. My personal shielding is an ovoid form, so when it's put horizontally, Rog'has could stretch it out to cover the five soldiers who were assigned to me plus six more. Because of the shield by Rog'has none of us were injured. The Thai soldiers called it Buddha's umbrella and I was acknowledged as Buddha's assistant. The wispy astrol form is used for two reasons, because it can be seen as a ghost, and the other is that it can not be injured.
Rog'has controls the extent of response to the everyday psychic attempts to enter my minds. We had set agreed guidelines of the degree of response uninvited attempts of communication to my mind. With her taking care of the inquiries I am not distracted from my everyday activities and can sleep undisturbed.
After I started my web site and posted daily on other psychic web sites, the intrusions become more frequent, requiring extensive response practice and planning for different situations that might develop.
Rog'has and I have found that a mirror shield that reflects sent energy back to it's sender and that she could magnify the response to different degrees of intensity, a very effective deterrent. If the sender persists the strength of Rog'has's response will be magnified. Rog'has does not reject all incoming messages and notifies me of those that need my attention.
To create your own shield, you first need to make a list to determine what functions you want your shield to assume. I explore the possibilities of hypnosis to control matter with my Army friend “Knopper.” He learned to create applying psychic and physical shielding with ease, using the focus on his thumbnail as a trigger for his self-hypnosis to trigger psychic abilities.
Telepathically focusing together, we could control dice and the value of playing cards. His most interesting achievement which Rog'has and I adapted for our use through mental focus was a physical shield he developed, that was strong as steel but transparent glass, a breathable layer covering his skin. Rog'has
We were volunteered by the Army to give blood to the Red Cross. Meeting at our appointment I didn't realize that Knopper was afraid of needles. We were laying on our individual gurneys and Knopper triggered his “skin like steel” shield. When the blood-taking technicians arrived to take his blood the needle would not penetrate his skin, just sliding around. The tech became very frustrated and started to stab at Knopper's arm, bending the needle. I suggested to her to get help from her supervisor. After she left I had Knopper relax his shielding on his arms. When the supervisor arrived she took Knopper's blood without any problem.
There is a child psychologist in Chicago who helps indigo children to develop and adjust to their psychic skills. One of the first things she has the children do is to select a protective psychic helmet and learn how to control its use for their benefit. When they put their helmets on all the distracting voices and energy noise stops. Then they learn to accept telepathic images and voices from others in their group. She teaches them that control involves responsibility.

P.S. In my teaching the uses of psychic abilities, I have a Protective Intention Attached (PIA) to all the information that I present. This attachment prevents any misuse of psychic abilities by anyone using this information.

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Help to Control & Develop Psychic Abilities

Many _IS_ folks have asked me if I can help them develop and control “abilities” .  Or a specific ability.  yes I can.  The following Blogs will do just that.
But first I need to go through some  basic information.  Some will be new, some is “old hat”.  But I want us to start on the same page.  And with your abilities you can skim down to the conclusion, and bounce  back and forth as you build your understanding.  Some the following is established fact, some are my assumptions
based on observation and experience.
If you want to know more about my background; go to   14 + Video stories in 8 to 10 min segments about my uses of my 8 basic Psychic Abilities.  At the bottom of the page there is an Ability download.  It pairs up my Abilities with the approbate  video’s for your easy reference.

We have six, yes 6 mind-brains that we use.  There are four in our  skull and two in our body and there are more interconnections between them than there used to be. 

The main brains that science has focused on is the Conscious and the sub-Conscious minds.  The conscious mind is the critical, judgmental mind. It has a high brain wave cycle of 15 to 30+ cycles per second, when active. It is called a Beta type mind wave. When asleep it goes way down to a Alpha range of 8 to 12 cycles per
second, “cps”.  The “C” mind doesn’t’ reach its full growth until the being is around 30 years old and it is the slowest to develop of all the brains.   

The sub-Conscious mind part of the skull brain is the creative, picturing brain.  It operates at a slightly lower Beta cycle rate of 20 cps  going down into the Alpha
 of 10 cps.  It develops a bit faster than the “C” part of the brain. But it too, is slower developing than the other 4 mind-brains.

The next group of mind-brains is where our Psychic abilities are.  The Limbic brain is a skull brain at the top of the spinal column.  It is nestled between the side over laps of the “C” and “s-C” brains.  The limbic is thought of as only the switchboard brain. But it is much more.  It receives all sensory input from the nerves in the skin and body (eyes, ears, touch, clairvoyance, telepathy, empathic premonition) and routs them to the appropriate  places in the minds and body for decisions, the decisions made are returned to the Limbic for rerouting of that information to the body for action.  It operates in the Theta range of 4 to 7 cycles per second.  The Limbic is almost fully developed by age 1 ½ and has emotional picturing ability that develops into telepathic picture-talk.  It operates in the same lower cps of all the three remaining brains. 1 to 4 Delta cps and 4 t0 7 Theta cps.  

Animals also operate in the Delta Theta range allowing for easy communication between younger children and animals, like dogs, horses, cats, dolphins, mice, deer, squirrles and most mammals.  Many of IS members have memories of “talking”, picture-talk with  animals and plants and many still do.  Trees, plants and grasses and the other living “earth beings” like water, rocks are at the lower cps of delta at 1/4 cps to 2 cps.  In this Delta-Theta cps all the psychic abilities can be accessed.  Put your list of 10 basic psychic abilities here; then add in all the psychic ability sub-types. Example Pyrokinetics is a sub of Telekinetic, the moving and manipulation of matter.
The Primal brain-mind (sometimes called the reptilian brain) is the instinctive  body function brain-mind.  It keeps the heart beating, the lungs breathing, tolls us to eat food and drink water.  It is responsible for the “flight? or fight?” body preperation. It is the first brain to function in a new born.  It is in the primal Fight? Or flight? brain-mind that many of our Psychic abilities are developed and jointly shared with other body mind-brains.  Telepathic communication, is a given.  Telekinetic reactions to danger, as in teleporting short 50 yard  distances?  I would think so.    

The other two mind brains are just being investigated by science. 
One is the cellular and DNA body-mind brain.  The cells of our body interacting as a “cellular memory bank”, and it operates at ½ cps Delta brain wave to 2 cps.
The other is the liquid-frequency mind brain.  It is our hard-drive for storing information by its molecular frequency signature.  It operates in the Delta ½ cps to 2 cps. 

Now, what does it all mean.  We are a species of psychic beings, being raised within  an environment of   psychic abilities.

           That’s nice, . . . . .  but how do I get there?
 You need to lower your  mental cps into the lower ranges of Alpha and into the cps of Theta-Delta.

           Ok, how do I do that?
By stopping the conscious and the sub-conscious mind from thinking.

          How do I do that?
By focusing your minds on something that takes the least amount of thought.

         Like what?
Your third eye, a candle flame, a spot on the wall, your navel, a spot on a painting, a simple drawing, a complex drawing with a center focus point,  your thumb nail, and many other single focus things that will give your “C and s-C” minds an endless loop to see-think about.

Your Limbic, Primal, Cellular and Liquid minds will still function and can still “Vision” (think). The controlling factor is intention.

Do it,
Vision-Feel your intention, while in the Delta/Theta alternate state of awareness.
The Creation of your intention will happen.

Focus into the Delta Theta state is the key to unlocking the door to your intentions
Ability to create, to  manifest itself.

Before we get to the training aid Blog.  I need to issue a warning.  This focusing exercise is very powerful.  Several people have experienced strong psychic experiences while resting with their eyes closed, between practicing sessions.  Often they have been a solid out-of-body projection, that transferred itself to an unknown location.  One person opened her eyes and found she was in a high scrub brush desert.  She decided while she was there to practice “moving” things.  Two people walked over a hill and spoke to her: “How did you get here?  You are trespassing and must leave.”  She replied that she would leave in a moment, and she was sorry to intrude on their land.  They exchanged pleasantries for a short time.  Then they walked away and she closed her eyes said to her self: “Return” and did.   Another person closed his eyes to rest and when he opened them he was in a bedroom he had never seen before.  Airplanes and a model of our solar system was hanging from the ceiling.  Startled he closed his eyes and said “Return” and was glad to be in his room again. 

If you have a similar experience stop and look around to see where and when you are.  You can return to your place any time by saying “Return”.

SyFy Channel The Magicians doesn't depict a real understanding of paranormal (psychic) abilities

Good show but it doesn't depict a real understanding of paranormal (psychic) abilities. The key to purposely developing psychic abilities is an extended mental picture focus. Self-training to extend your focusing ability is one of the things that I have discovered and teach. As an example: Draw a square approximately 6 inches wide on a piece of paper. Within that square, draw another square approximately 2 inches wide, then connect the corners of the smaller square to the corners of the larger square. It should look like the top view of a flat-topped pyramid.
Focus on the small two-dimensional square and bring it up into a 3-dimensional pyramid form. Let it go back to a 2-D drawing. You have just created a holographic image. Now focus on the small square again and push it into a hallway or tunnel. Hold it there for several seconds, then let it go back to a 2-D shape. The tunnel / hallway you created exists only in the 4th dimension. Science can not construct hat 4th dimension form – yet.
The next step is using a kitchen timer set for 5 seconds. Hold the “SQUARE-square” shape into one of the dimensions for 5 seconds. Then do it again for 10 seconds. Rest for awhile, then start again, 5 seconds, 10 then 15, and 20. Rest again then continue, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 seconds and so on. Do this exercise until you control each 120 seconds. Note: all of my teachings come with a Protective Intention Attached (PIA). These teachings will only work when of benefit to all the people involved.
A warning is necessary here. Some people have experienced an out-of-body transference to another location. If that happens to you as you increase your focus time, don't panic, but play detective and try to find out where and when you are. To leave that locality just say “Return,” and you will.
I compiled a list of frequently-used psychic abilities from members of a psychic forum website, which I have attached.

Roger Armstrong, MA, MS, MFA, CHT, retired

SEE ALSO: Psychic Ability Uses blogpost.

Everything on Earth Has Consciousness

in response to the article on consciousness

To: Editors of New Scientist Magazine

From: Roger Armstrong
Retired Professor of Perception & Certified Hypnotherapist
Ashland, Oregon, USA
tel. # 541-552-1021

Hello, I am an 85-year-old retired college professor. My academic expertise was/is “Perception”. The classes I taught at Purdue University were a three semester sequence covering the development of “Mental Perception and Development” from pre-birth to age 65. I also am a certified Hypnotherapist and have been hypnotizing people for 81 years. Like many hypnotherapists I have met, I hypnotized my playmates when I was 4 years old. I enabled them to self heal cuts and scrapes so that our play would not be interrupted by running home for a band-aid. That started my life-long investigations into how we and other beings visualize/perceive and interact with The Realities.
This led me to the concepts of the division between the Conscious Mind and the other five (5) mind-brains that we use in different functions. This writing is not an academic paper, and but a conclusion I have come to during my years of exploring the application of our 6 mind brains.
The process of Hypnosis is the distracting, separating the logical, linear cognitive abilities of the Conscious mind from its control of the Perceptual Realities it envisions. This division allows the other five mind-brains to form a Mind Cooperative that I refer to as the spherical mind, that functions in a random cognitive pattern, each mind-brain contributing to the formulation of several Thought Conclusions and Mental Energy uses.
One of these uses is known as Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing has become accepted worldwide as a valid spy tool/technique, viewing the exterior of things. But as an investigative tool for understanding the intention of an object's new or past function, it has many more applications for example perceiving the intention of the object, the symbol; musical composition, equation, painting, math and chemical formula or writing as well as the diagnostic and repair of physical tissue or mechanical electric devices that are non-functioning, or the testing of those that are not yet functioning.
An Ancient Symbol as it is created (regardless of the media used) can hold thousands of bits of information to be released to the Remote Viewer. The symbols have an index of tabs that, when touched, will release its information to the viewer. This is a very valuable tool to Archeologists or Paleontologists and their related schools of expertise.
As a skill, Remote Viewing is not difficult to learn, and age is not a barrier. Workshop participants from 8 years old to 80 years old have been able to learn this skill in less then two hours. An interesting side experience is the affect Remote Viewing has in the perception of the functioning of time within the experience.

Roger Armstrong
+ + +

I do agree with the group that acknowledges that Conscious is actual. The thought processes of all Earth Beings : grasses, plants, trees, water, air, soil, minerals, and animals ; i.e. fish, insects and mammals, including humans is pictorial. This pictorial thought process is basic to all life. We as humans learn to read by the association of words to pictorial imagery . The conventional taught learning process in our Educational system functions to replace pictorial imagery with a combination of written letter-word symbols. This educational process stifles the further development of telepathic thoughts pictorial communication.
The pictorial thought process in human mammals starts with the pre-born fetus approximately two months before birth. The human fetus recognizes the energy [aura] radiating from the mother. As the Newness [the fetus] mental awareness develops, it will become aware of other different energies, other then the mother’s. To differ between the other energies it comes in contact with, it assigns a color to each one of the new energies it comes in contact with, including the father, siblings and the family pets. This mental development is the base of all learning and of telepathic communication.
Telepathy, as the mind-brains develop a pictorial vocabulary imagery, becomes a selective thought tool, organizing conclusive thought patterns. It is not a stream of conscious unorganized thought. Word patterns follow the basic precepts developed by the pictorial word association. The thought vocabulary of many of the non human earth beings is often limited due to the lack of mobility, longevity and experiential interaction with other beings. Their focus is often limited to propagation, survival of the species and their local environment.
Telepathy is the common language of the “Off-world beings” Telepathy using word imagery is used in their local environment . But outside of that environment the pictorial imagery and every one has a personal symbol to identify the origin of the pictorial thought comment. Mine is an animated drawing of a spear piercing a shield to 1/4 of the shaft length. These personal signatories are used before and after each thought sequence. The advantages of the telepathic thought process are quite obvious. On Earth we have over 150 different languages.
In a Galaxy of many planets with a wide Variety of living beings, it must be nice to have a common thought process for communication.

To pass on accumulated information all the author needs to do is to mark [write, carve, incise, paint] a symbol that, through the intention of the author, will contain the pictorial information for others to tap into. Each creative expression, even that of non-telepathic earth beings , holds the authors thought intentions in the form of tabs on the thought interior of the piece. To access the information from a symbol, a person needs to mentally Remote View into the symbol, and all of the information will be reveled.
As an Art teacher in a small University Educational Laboratory School at Eastern Michigan University, I taught all the Art students [8 to 18 years old] to Remote View as a learning tool, projecting their thought into the paintings of the old and modern masters to touch the “Tabs” for information that explained the intention of that artist in selecting a particular color or form. When we went to the Detroit Museum of Art, we developed a 13 point questionnaire to record a the summaries of the information that they gathered to act as a base for following discussion in the Art classroom.

An interesting side-experience presented itself as a result of these explorations. With the focus on getting information from the Tabs, It did not occur to them or to me, until our classroom discussions, that we were “Time Traveling” and that many of the paintings were involved in more then one time sequence. Some of the paintings were involved in up to 7 time lines to complete the work. Several landscapes included the Artists vision, but on either side of their vision, contemporary reality in our time was seen. It was a treat for me hearing 8 year old students explore a rational for the existence of Time as a permanent entity that was accessible as long as the creative symbol work existed. It wasn’t long before the students would RV into their text books, and into musical scores to determine the intents of the authors and of existence of different time lines in the creative process.

Grandpa’s Rules

by Roger Armstrong /

Grandpa and I made good rules
for a three-year-old and older psychic like me to live by in 1934.
The guiding rules developed from the summer of 1934 to 1944, as answers to my questions and concerns about psychic “skills”. They evolved as we discussed why of each answer. We started with three or four rules and as I grew older and asked more questions we added to the list.
* * * * * * * * * *
01) Always keep your skills hidden in some way.
This was the first rule. It is repeated several times in other rules.
02) Learn to make things lighter when lifting them but never "float" them.
This was our second rule, and it is a hiding of a skill.
03) People see what they expect to see and no one sees the same situation the same way.
We talked about belief and how it can change the way people see and feel about things and we gave each other some examples.
04) Don't look at people or yourself as being right or wrong. Look to see which action you can learn the most from.
I would get angry if I thought I did something the wrong way.
Many times you will learn more from what you see as a mistake.
05) Don't do anything with a psychic skill that would attract attention. Use your abilities like an umbrella, only when it rains.
06) It is smarter in sports to help your teammates make points. When making your own points, as a result of your psychic skill, make them look lucky.
07) Try not to use the skills very often, continue to give yourself and friends a challenge.
08) Continue to picture-talk to the animals, and to all living things.
09) It is never a good idea to read the minds of people without permission.
10) Do not take advantage of a person without skills.
It is unfair.
11) You can help others gain the same skills you have.
But only if they are interested and only train them toward a result, unless you see that their ability and interest is equal to their understanding of the responsibility of the task at hand.
12) Use your skills as you use an umbrella.
Only use them when it is raining.
13) Anger or panic will cloud your focus and will stop your skills from working.
14) Seeing the longer future is not dependable.
Because as it approaches you it is always changing.
15) The closer the future comes, the clearer it is.
16) The most difficult thing to tell about the future is the speed at which it is approaching you.
17) Stay with the creation of objects in your future rather than destroying things in the present.
18) Skills used for personal, unhealthy reasons like greed, jealously, hurting or killing or destroying for the feeling of the power or feeling superior, will cause your abilities to be weaker and weaker and weaker, until you have no abilities left at all.
19) When people do not understand what you are saying, say it another way with different words.
20) When you are angry with people or when people are mean to you; think twice, because chances are that they are souls that are younger than you are. Treat them with understanding and kindness, for their journey to understand is going to be a long and hard one.

[Protective Intention Attached.]

Remote Viewing as an Archaeological Tool


Remote Viewing is known as a mental out-of-body projection of viewing distant objects and is used by government intelligence / spy agencies around the world. In those circles it is well-known for its visual accuracy for viewing the exterior of objects. Little known and used is that Remote Viewing (RV) can be used to look/ see/ perceive into objects. It is used by physicists, archaeologists, art historians, and students.
We need to consider information that extends science beyond the 18th and 20th century views. Foremost, there are four stages of matter to be considered. Solid, liquid, gas, and thought. Science has become aware that there are more than 3 dimensions of length, width and height/ depth. There are groups of scientists now who say that the 4th dimension consists of positive and negative energy, and is the reflection of the third-dimensional energies. In considering mental energy, science has pretty much adapted the Schumann categories of mental activity as exhibited by the existence of frequency of brainwaves. Schumann categories have Greek letters, and the beta frequency is the frequency that the conscious mind modulates at during normal activities. That modulation is between 14 and 30 cycles per second, (also expressed as Hertz). Next is that alpha, which is 8 - 13 cycles per second, then theta, 4 to 7 c.p.s., and then the delta, 1 - 4 c.p.s.
The logical conscious mind that we use operates only in the beta range. Going to the alpha, theta, and delta cyclical range is the domain of the other 5 minds. Those other five, beyond the conscious mind, are the limbic mind, the primal, the cellular, the liquid frequency body-mind, and the visual subconscious mind. I refer to these five as cooperating together as one mind, that I refer to as the 'spherical mind'.

In the 4th dimension, continuing a reflection of the Schumann frequencies, that ended with Delta, 0 - 4 c.p.s., we enter into a negative, not in philosophical terms but in terms of energy force. Mu written as M, has 0 to -4 c.p.s., Epsilon, written as E is -4 to -7 c.p.s. Etta written as H is -8 to -13 c.p.s. Zetta written as Z is -14 to -30 c.p.s. Chi written as X is - 30 to -200 c.p.s.

The most obvious use of the 3-dimensional minds is our creativity. When we create we are not being logical. We follow the logical basic premise...

The spherical mind doesn't start with a basic premise. It considers all the information from the physical senses, and from the energy senses and comes up with a selection of possible basic premises. Then we select that conclusion or that basic premise as the one that's most applicable to a given situation.

Remote viewing as a spy technique used by governments has been in existence since 1965. Their primary purpose was to identify objects, such as troop movements, and was usually verified using photography.

As an art teacher, at an experimental university school, I taught over 300 students how to remote view. I used it as a teaching tool and taught them to enter – remote view – into historical paintings. When you enter a man-made creation little tags of intent of the creator of the object are left for every decision that the creator made (that’s the small “c” rather than the big “C”) a visible residue is left attached to the decision within the object. So the students then could enter a painting and touch the tags and the artist would tell them why that was there. Why they chose that color, what the color was made of if it was a mixture of several colors, and what was its purpose. So the students got information not only from me as their art teacher, but from all the artists throughout history that they were interested in. We would go to the Detroit Museum of Art and we developed a 13-answer questionnaire so when they RV’ed into a painting they could identify and explain the experience that they felt. The technique we used was a focal point technique. Standing away from the painting about 8 feet, focusing on a point in the center of the painting and slowly walk up to it focusing on that spot only. Two foot away from the painting, a gateway would open up and allow them to visually enter the painting.

The guards at the Museum became aware of this strange behavior by 60 students varying in age from 8 years old to 18 years old, so one of the guards asked one of the students, “What are you doing?” and the young man explained to the guard what they were doing, and asked the guard if he would like to learn that too. And the guard being very skeptical of course, said yes. So two of the boys showed him the technique, and helped him telepathically to enter the painting. Understandably he was quite astonished and very excited. He called up to the Guard Lounge and had them all come down and my students paired off and taught them all how to remote view in to the paintings. So for the first time they were able to truly understand the intent of the artist.

When we got back to the classroom after the field trip, each class of the art students would have their evaluations check sheets, and we would discuss the results of our exploring. The students that looked at the same painting had the same experience except that they touched different types of tags because their interests were different. They discovered that within the painting and the remote viewing of the painting, more than one timeline reality as exhibited within the painting. That on either side of the artist’s viewing of his subject matter, was just a fragment of existing reality. There was a painting by van Gogh called “The Woods.” I use a reproduction of this in my remote viewing workshops where I teach people how to remote view. Once in the glade, they could see the end of van Gogh’s view, and they could look in to contemporary reality, what was happening outside the artist’s vision now. In the case of the Woods, to the right the glade opened up into a small meadow and there was an old little red school house at one edge of the meadow. Oftentimes, there would be people around the schoolhouse, in one instance, a family was having a picnic and a young boy and girl were tossing a red ball back and forth. To the left of the glade, another small meadow, leading to a bench on the edge of a large pond. And on the pond, people viewed ducks swimming, with little ducks following, and / or a swan with babies following. When I repeated the workshop, the ducks or the swans were still swimming, but the babies had grown. Some paintings we explored at the Museum had seven different timelines involved within the painting, as the artist would use models at different times, and / or stuffed animals as subject matter, but not at the same time as the models were used.

The students at this particular school were selected to provide a range of IQs that formed a bell curve. Starting with 90, and ending with 160. The students quickly learned that the remote viewing was not limited to paintings, but that all written material, all their textbooks, all when entered showed the intention tags, so they could get explanations from the author as to what that word meant and why it was placed there. Being an experimental school, students were tested when school started, tested again at midterm, and again at the end of the school year. After a year of remote viewing, in their textbooks, their IQ’s no longer formed a bell curve. It was more of a reverse. The 90 IQ students when tested at the end of the year tended to be 140. All the other students rose gradually above the 140 to be close to 200 IQ. The graduate students who came in to do the testing for the University were admonished by their professors that they had done something terribly wrong and they were to test the students again, with the same result. With the students no longer operating on their bell curve norm, the University in its wisdom closed the school. The results of their testing proved to be too controversial.
Within technical fields, of chemistry, physics, and other technical fields of archaeology, paleontology, there have been examples at other universities of using the remote viewing techniques within their disciplines. Physicists have found that using remote viewing they can look at the micro-particles of the universe that are not yet named. A doctor can look at a patient using remote viewing and tell the extent of a fracture of a bone. A chemist can use RV to see the interaction of chemicals. Taking a formula from the lab and expanding it for production, they can see what needs to be adjusted for the development of a desired product. An electrical engineer can examine the intricacies of software within the computer and make adjustments to remove any glitches that have developed. Those are just a few examples.

As my students learned to remote view, within ten or fifteen minutes, and the guards at the museum learned to RV in ten or fifteen minutes with one or two demonstrations, it is not a difficult or mystical thing to learn. Like any skill, it just takes the initial understanding, and practice, to achieve the control necessary for its determined directional intention.

Using Hypnosis since I was 4 years old


I first used hypnosis in 1934 as a four year old child. I do not remember how or where I learned the technique of hypnosis, but the experience was not uncommon among several hypnotherapists who I have met.
I taught my neighborhood playmates (all under 8 years old) how to hypnotize themselves using a post-hypnotic trigger. Using the hypnotic trance state they could heal cuts and scrapes, other minor bloody injuries, and also controlling pain and blood loss.
I first gave them a demonstration of the effectiveness of hypnotic suggestion using the eye fatigue technique, having one of them focus on the edge of a candle flame. I would then say “Oh, I am sorry, a piece of the kitchen match flew off and landed on your arm and burned you here,” touching their arm with my finger and covering the spot with my hand. When I removed my hand a blister would have formed. All of us saw and touched the blister to reaffirm it was real. Then I would cover the blister with my hand and say, “I am sorry, but I fooled you, there was no match and you were not burned. And when I took my hand away the blister was gone. This experience was to show the power you have over your body. Everyone would agree to be hypnotized with a post-hypnotic trigger so they could be pain-free and heal themselves. With that hypnotic suggestion we didn't need to interrupt our play by running home when we were injured.
When a new kid moved in to our neighborhood, at the first meeting of our group, one of the member would say, “Do the blister thing.” I am 86 now and I have implemented that suggestion of healing for dental work and several operations (some that were several hours long), and of course healed the scrapes, cuts and bruises of everyday adventures, still using that hypnotic causing trigger to implement that suggestion.

Roger Armstrong, MA, MS, MFA, CHT

Psychic Ability Uses: Survey of 294 users


It covers from Post #1 to post #929 page 47 and is compiled in Alphabetical order.
The emphasis of this list is “use” by the members rather than the standard classical category definitions. There are two basic forms of psi-ability skills. One is receiving and interpreting received energy, The other is sending, projecting energy to cause an effect. Some psi-skills
like Telepathy use both sending and receiving.
At the left is the number of people that “use” that specific ability.

62 - - - ASTRAL PROJECTION: is an out-of-body experience.
This mental persona is a solid form that can include the soul.
This form of our persona is commonly used to travel in Time and other Dimensions. Safe return intentions need to be used to prevent injury or death.
06 - - - ASTROL PROJECTION: is a related out-of-body experience too,
This mental persona projection is in a wispy, ghost like form that does not contain the soul, and can not be injured. It is an excellent form to use for
first contact of past cultures. The many people that fly about at night
usually use this “body” form
40 - - -AERO KINETIC: can influence or control air through it’s speed, it’s temperature,
it’s density, it’s direction and the general weather. To cause large changes in weather patterns, requests to the Air Being Persona are necessary.
55 - - - AURA READING:
Seeing-reading the radiated energy of others.
31 - - - AUTO WRITING-Drawing, Painting, Composing and Performing. These creative activities are often activated by an unknown energy source.
13 - - - CHAMELEON:
Controlling the degree of visibility of your physical body and its energy.
66 - - - CLAIR-AUDIENT :
Mentally hearing unseen, unknown voices, sounds or music.
Knowing what is for dinner.
Tasting matter and energy.
Knowing what your gifts or presents are going to be.
The smelling of odors of an object without the object being present.
71 - - - CLAIR-SENTIENT with objects.
Knowing hidden or unknown information that is within objects.
Having the sensation of physically feeling energy and unseen matter.
Seeing- perceiving future events, that can be in different time lines.
39 - - - CHANNELING:
Letting other beings [spirits] to use you as a channel
to communicate with others.

51 - - - DIVINATION / JUST KNOWING: Receiving Divine answers from a God, Angels
or from the Inter-Galactic Library staffed by The Gray Brotherhood
23- - - DOWSING: It is the Sensing the energies of matter or the thoughts
of the Nature Beings with the help of physical aids.
Influencing or controlling electrical energy and subtle energies.
137 - - -EMPATHY: with plants and people;
Feeling, sensing and causing the emotions in others by energy projection.
This is our first ability, it is developed during the 6th month of pre-birth.
The ability to cause and control the exchange of energy between beings.
17 - - - ENERGY READING: Related to Psychometric and Aura Reading.
Feeling and evaluating the energy of people and objects.
45 - - - ESP: Extra Sensory Perception.
Receiving information from all your senses, physical, spiritual and.
Causing things to happen with directed energy through intention.
It is sometimes called serendipity.
13 - - - HEALING:
By touch or by thought energy, helping the body heal itself
99 - - - INTUITION:
Using all of your senses, physical and mental to make a determination.
A pre or post awareness state of REM sleep-dreaming where
you aware of your dreaming and can be in total control of
the dream as it interacts with our and other realities.
.23 - - -LEVITATION: the name of a use of telekinesis.
Controlling the properties of matter and gravity to lift or move
a human or other beings through visual energy manipulation of matter and gravity
17 - - - MEDIUM: An intervening force between dimensions.
A person with an awareness that can see and/or communicate
with spirits, organized energy or beings from another dimensional realities.
43 - - - MIND-OVER-BODY: is also referred to as MIND-WITH-BODY:
Controlling your physical bodies sensing and reactions to control hunger,
pain, self healing, blood loss, heart beat, breathing and all other body functions

04 - - - MANIFESTING: the creation of objects when in need.

01 - - - OUT-OF-BODY-PROJECTIONS: the ability to release and project
your spirit personality out side of your corporal body
Astral, Astrol, Clair-sentient and Remote Viewing are examples of this ability.
04 - - - PAST LIFE VISITING or regression.
Where you observe or participate with a past life or event in one of the Out-of- Body projections; commonly using Remote Viewing as a viewer or participant.
Feeling that an event is going to happen.
18 - - - PSYCHOMETRY: Related to remote viewing.
Sensing, viewing the history of an object.
13 - - - PYRO-KINESIS:
The controlling of matter to create fire or heat.
Detaching and projecting your vision from your physical body
to visit specific places in the present, the past or the future.
Joining in a requested and permitted oneness with Beings and objects.
This is sometimes referred to as a Zen Awareness.
Controlling your physical shape to assume different body forms.
This is often done in an Astral Projection.
28 - - - SHIELDING:
Your creating a protective barrier for your body and minds to control
the entrance or exit of unwanted energy.
Event creation through mental energy of Intention.
02 - - - SPEAKING-IN-TONGUES: A form of Channeling where a person
speaks the language of the Channeled Being without a translation into
the receiving persons normal language.
26 - - - TELEKINETIC with: wind, water, objects.
Controlling the properties of physical matter and gravity
to cause, change or stop molecular movement. See Aero-Kinetic.
83 - - -TELEPATHY: with animals.
Reading, exchanging empathic-picture-thoughts with animals.
73 - - -TELEPATHY: with people and ET Beings.
Reading picture thoughts, sensing and exchanging voiced or word-thoughts
with humans or ET Beings.
10 - - -TELEPATHY: With all plant life including trees.
Reading their energy, exchanging empathic-picture-thoughts with plant life
04 - - - TELEPORT: The moving of your Corporal or Astral body to different locations of
Time or Space. The range of the ability can be from across a room or to
travel across Galaxies and Dimensions.
05 - - - THINK-IN-NON-WORDS: Thinking in a pictorial manner.
Thinking in geometric and non geometric symbols and forms with
empathy. The pictorial forms assembled to form a conclusion.
This is the form of thought that all beings have. All human
minds develop pictorial. Silent movies are a good example of this forms of thought before words are taught to dominate the thinking process of Humans.

02 - - - PENDULUM: using a pendulum to determine yes or no answers from
an unknown source . . .see “divining”answers.

Additional comment:

There are overlapping definitions for some abilities. Some are subcategories
of what many think are the 8 major psychic abilities.
As an example. People felt there was needed distinction between the general
category of Telepathy and who or what they were mentality communicating with,
so the three categories were defined.

Thinking in non-words [using emotion plus pictures and symbols] is a description
of Telepathy, but this person was describing the pictorial images she saw when she
observed her thought process. [a Remote View ability]. But the group would rather
create a new use category to clarify the use..

Some one asked: “At a party, if I get overwhelmed, I will stand flat against the wall,
near a corner; and no one will see me.””If this is an ability, what is it called?”
So we named it the Chameleon Ability. The Ability to blend into a background.
Many of our designations are “street names” rather than the technical name.
An interesting thing is that when you use an ability every day, it is easy to
forget that it is a psychic ability that few people have. When I made up this
new list I said to myself about some things,“I do that” and added my use in the list tally..
Be in harmony,
be in beauty

Roger Armstrong.

Protective Intention Attached to prevent misuse.

Protective Intention Attached. All posts in this blog have a P.I.A. to prevent misuse. Psychic abilities must be used for the benefit of everyone. These abilities will not function if you attempt to use them to the detriment of others. PIA has proven to be exceedingly effective. In harmony, Roger Armstrong