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Learning: From Fetus to Adult

As soon as the human body of the fetus is formed using the internal guidance of the DNA in our cells, the 6 brains that we have are started to be activated and learning begins.
The conscious mind-brain is the slowest to develop, superseded by the development of the other 5 mind-brains: the Primal, the Limbic, the Cellular, the Liquid mind-brain and the Subconscious mind-brain. These 5 form a cooperative mind-brain that I call the Spherical mind-brain. They aid in the development of each other, generating guiding energy to help foster individualized growth.
It is the Limbic mind that is the energy sending and receiving point of sensory information. It is the Subconscious that pictures the repetitive empathic incoming energies and assigns them a colored frequency that is stored in the Liquid mind-brain to be used by further energies for matching identification.
The mother's energy is recognized first, then others in their turn due to repetitive contact. To differentiate between multiple contacts, the subconscious designates a color to each energy it comes in contact with. This deliberate thought organizes the learning by remembering the incoming energy for future use.
Mental picturing becomes the basis for all learning as the senses deliver stimulating energy identification. Taste, color, pattern, physical balance, texture, sound, empathic emotion, variety of temperatures, all play a part in the mental development of thought, sensory identification, and ultimately measurable intelligence.
As the Spherical Brains develop, the Subconscious mind-brain, and the Liquid frequency mind-brain are in close cooperation guided by the Limbic mind-brain. The picture vocabulary surges in its growth, aided by the Liquid frequency memory mind-brain to retain the learned imagery.
It is appropriate here to note, when the early incoming energy is in a pictured format, an identification exchange is developed that is the basis of a telepathic exchange that, if fostered, will continue to grow.
In our society, the word “telepathy” is avoided. Mainstream science does not accept the concept of deliberately exchanging thoughts. Yet on the fringes, telepathic thought is accepted. In the United States the term 'whisperer' is gaining recognition. Horse whisperers, dog whisperers, fish whisperers are gaining recognition. Plants with no root connection have been proven to exchange information. The obvious conclusion is that they “whisper” to each other.
The structure, i.e. organization, of picture thought follows mother's example, using a standard verbal sentence-like structure. Random energy emotions are first in development, then thought patterns of pictures accompanied by empathy (emotion). As the child develops the thought pattern becomes more complex. As the mental pictures accumulate, organized selection takes place in a sentence-like structure. There is very little random, unstructured thought, when the pictures are broadcast.
When telepathy is exchanged our five mind-brains can create a selective blocking shield so that only one thought pattern will be recognized. This shielding needs to be self-requested, but when shielding is demonstrated (taught by an active example) it is easily achieved. With this shielding, telepathic broadcasting and receiving is selectively, deliberately controlled.
Projected picture thought can be adapted to deliberately project this visual sensory energy to different desired locations, and to receive pictures and empathy from those locations. This phenomenon is called Remove Viewing (RV).
This mental projection is a skill that governments use as a spying technique, to view the inside of things. One acquaintance can view the wiring of electrical pathways within a computer and its programming. Another can view chemical reaction within a specific chemical formula. A doctor who I had an appointment with viewed the inside of my leg and knee to make his diagnosis as to the extent of my injury. He was surprised and pleased when I joined his vision and he went into detail to show me the extent of my injury. As an art teacher in college experimental elementary school, I taught the students to view into paintings. On the interior of created objects an energy residue remains in the form of tabs. When the tab is touched it releases the rationale of the artist (or author) used in the selection of that color, word, or symbol. This viewing ability use accelerated the students' interest in this active learning mode and provided an incentive to explore and selectively use this learning tool to gain knowledge. Subsequent testing at the end of the semester showed the effect of this style of learning by the fact that all students' IQ's jumped 30 to 50 points.
In a two-hour workshop I aided 100+ people (ages 17 to 83) to use interior RV and external RV within the first half-hour. The rest of the hours they spent exploring. A few of them went exploring in pairs, sharing the experience.
Roger Armstrong, MA, MS, MFA, CHT, retired as a full Professor
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