Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Consciousness is a general term broadly denoting that the Conscious mind is being active. With six (6) mind-brains in our bodies, it is important to define which mind-brain is doing what. The field of hypnotherapy is the only field that can direct the mental activity of any one of the 6 mind-brains to achieve a desired response.
As a Certified Hypnotherapist I facilitate the directions the individual Spherical minds take. Consciousness should refer to the mental energy activity of all six of our mind-brains. Science has focused its attention on the judgmental, limited logical mind brain referred to as the conscious mind, but it is not only one of the 6 mind-brains that we as sapient beings use. The 6 body mind brains include the Conscious, Subconscious, Limbic, Primal, Cellular Body, and Liquid frequency mind-brains. The only field that specializes in utilizing the functions of these mind brains is hypnosis / hypnotherapy. These basic teachings have been in use for many thousands of years.
Conscious mind altering techniques are used before meditation and self-hypnosis, whether it be audio or visual fatigue that facilitates the detaching from the judgmental conscious mind can be disconcerting to many. A stabilizing factor is needed, a purpose is required to direct five the direction experience the stabilizing factor. Many practitioners refer to this factor as “pictured intention.”
With a loop of pictured intentions in place the conscious mind gives up its control of the mental processes to the other 5 minds in our body that implement the pictured intention. In my hypnotherapy experience I refer to these as the Spherical Minds. The 5 mind-brains cooperating to form the spherical minds are the Limbic, Primal, the Pictorial Subconscious and the Cellular body mind brain and the Liquid Body Frequency mind-brain.
Studies in perception show that humans perceive our world's reality as a two-dimensional reality. In perception tests, the majority of people in the world see it as an isometric reality. This isometric reality is a constant measured reality. Schools teach the 3-dimensional illusionary reality to our children. In this reality, the usual illusionary reality is constantly changing its relationship through the use of visual scale and we need to change our measurement devices to relate them to a consistent logical relationship to the logical conscious mind. The logical consciousness sees things in only two (binary) dimensions. Point A to Point B repeated many times at different angles. This is the base requirement of the isometric drawing modality.

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