Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Introducing Roger Armstrong & Remote Viewing

Roger Armstrong
Retired University Professor
Ashland, Oregon, USA
tel. # 541-552-1021

Hello, I am an 85-year-old retired college professor. My academic expertise was/is “Perception”. The classes on perception that I taught at Purdue University were a three semester sequence covering the development of “Mental Perception and Development” from pre-birth to age 65. I am also a certified Hypnotherapist and have been hypnotizing people for 81 years. Like many hypnotherapists I have met, I hypnotized my playmates when I was 4 years old. I enabled them to self-heal cuts and scrapes so that our play would not be interrupted by running home for a band-aid. That started my life-long investigations into how we and other beings visualize/perceive and interact with The Realities.
This led me to the concepts of the division between the Conscious Mind and the other six mind-brains that we use in different functions. This writing is not an academic paper, but a conclusion I have come to during my 80 years of exploring the application of our six mind brains.
The process of Hypnosis is the distracting, separating the logical, linear cognitive abilities of the Conscious mind from its control of the Perceptual Realities it envisions. This division allows the other five mind-brains to form a Mind Cooperative that I refer to as the Spherical Mind, that functions in a random cognitive pattern, with each mind-brain contributing to the formulation of several Thought Conclusions and Mental Energy uses.
One of these uses is known as Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing has become accepted worldwide as a valid spy tool/technique, viewing the exterior of things. But as an investigative tool for understanding the intention of an object's new or past function, it has many more applications for example perceiving the intention of the object, the symbol; musical composition, equation, painting, math and chemical formula or writing as well as the diagnostic and repair of physical tissue or mechanical electric devices that are non-functioning, or the testing of those that are not yet functioning.
An Ancient Symbol as it is created (regardless of the media used) can hold thousands of bits of information to be released to the Remote Viewer. The symbols have an index of tabs that, when touched, will release its information to the viewer. This is a very valuable tool to Archeologists or Paleontologists and their related schools of expertise.
As a skill, Remote Viewing is not difficult to learn, and age is not a barrier. Workshop participants from 8 years old to 80 years old have been able to learn this skill in less then two hours. An interesting side experience is the affect Remote Viewing has in the perception of the functioning of time within the experience.

Roger Armstrong, MA, MS, MFA, CHT, retired as a full Professor

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