Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I am telepathic

I am telepathic. I am aware of the picture thoughts of some people (especially children), plants and animals. The base of telepathy is visual thought. It is literally a language of Universal Thought.
Occasionally I’ll go to the local food co-op organic food market and telepathically tell/broadcast a story. Sometimes I project pictures from a picture book and I will added motion of the characters to add to the understanding of the story. There are a lot of young mom’s with young children shopping at this store When I start to broadcast the story the store’s noise level drops as the children “tune in” to my picture telling.
Often I will tell of a personal experience, but I start out and end the story with a picture of me smiling and waving a hello, so the viewers know it is someone in this store’s Here and Now that is picture telling the story. The kids are intrigued by the fact that a man is broadcasting the story. Most men have not let that ability develop.
One of my favorite stories is an experience I had when in the war in Korea. In the story three Korean men were walking to a point where they were going to trap and kill a tiger using a live baby goat as bait. They did not know that the tiger and were following their progress in a Remote Viewing mode and intent. I was a solder on guard duty. She was following the men and goat through natural order and instinct, when she came face to face with me.
She was a very large Siberian tiger. When I had been following the progress of the men, she had picked up my thoughts. We had a brief friendly picture thought exchange, and I was the first human to join her in telepathic conversation as I pictured their intent to her. I then pictured to the local plants, asking was there a trail joining place the tiger could use. She was surprised at my action, but viewed their reply and bounded off to get the goat from the men, to feed her two young cubs and herself.
She met the men and frightened them so that they ran away, leaving the goat behind. She came back to thank me by picturing me as a male tiger, with my face, standing next to her. I returned the complement by turning my tiger head and licking her ear. She was so startled at my action that she almost dropped the goat as she started to laugh. She bounded in to the brush trail and I could sense her laughter for a short while as she hurried back to her cubs.
The children liked that story and as I continued to do my shopping they would appear in the isle I was in to thank me. One little girl offered her half-eaten banana to me, another gave me her doll, a boy showed me his army tank and how it worked. I pretended to take a bite of the banana and returned it, and gave the doll a big hug and returned it. One of the moms said it was the first time a male had made telepathic contact with her child and several others echoed her comment. Fun stuff. I suggested to them that the story had many interesting points for discussion they could use like picturing with plants, grasses, trees and animals; a good way to practice telepathy.
While we do use all six [6] of our mind brains, science only focuses on the judgmental logical mind, ie: the Conscious Minds where the other five [5] in cooperation with each other form a mental unity I call the Spherical Minds Brains. Each of the brains is a contributing segment to creative thought that does not use A to B logic. It is a unit of minds that builds thought without a basic premise in response to a questioning of the “What If’s” in their wide variety of considerations.
In viewing this mental action it is interesting to watch the answers to a creative question evolve much like a three dimensional form looking for small forms to fit and join together. This process is used simultaneously with several created forms to develop a variety of answers to the proposed thought/question
Telepathy is not a function of the Conscious mind, that mind has a logical 1 or 2 dimensional, judgmental function. There are five [5] other mind-brains that form a mental energy cooperative that does orchestrate the telepathic function. They are the Limbic, [it determines where the gathered sensory input needs to be placed to be acted upon].of the Primal, [directs basic body functions] the Sub-Conscious, [is the pictorial producing mind translating energy frequencies into visual representations for identification] the Cellular [consists of all the cells in our body] and the Liquid Frequency mind brain [holds our memory in the form of frequencies and stores mental energy in frequency form in the liquids of the body].

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