Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Telepathic Activity

I am telepathic, and I can broadcast my picture thoughts widely or direct my picture thoughts to a specific being. Because all life forms on Earth has the ability to picture and are telepathic in the sense that they can exchange pictorial information without using speech.
When my youngest son was learning to read from picture books, he would climb into a Linden tree that was in our back yard. It's limbs started low to the ground so he could easily climb up. And he would read his picture books and show the pictures to the Linden tree by holding pictures against the trunk of the tree. In actuality he was teaching the Linden tree to read and to recognize words other than just pictures, and the Linden tree learned along with my son. It was kind of interesting that when the learning was taking place, the trees in the park just across the road, that was a line grove of maple and oak trees that outlined the park. When the Linden tree was learning, all the other trees in the park would be silent, there was no leaf rustling, they were all engrossed in the learning that the Linden tree was passing on to them. Quite fascinating.
As a telepath, I don't intrude on other people's thoughts, and I always identify my own thoughts with a telepathic icon. My icon is like an animated cartoon. It shows a spear piercing a shield, and the spear goes through the shield, to about 25% of the shaft. In words, that icon would be named Rod'gar. Most human telepaths send their icon before and after their telepathic statement. Telepathic statements are like sentences, it's not just random thoughts, it's an organized thought that goes out. Being an organized thought, you control what goes out just like a completed spoken sentence. So the personal secrets are still kept.
I shop at the Organic Food Coop market in Ashland, and sometimes I picturing-reading-telling a story that I broadcast project to all the inhabitants of the store.
It is fun for me because there are many children and young mothers. with one and two year olds, and eight and ten year olds. It is fun listening to the store quiet down as the children receive and recognize the telepathic picture thoughts. I always start with my picture of myself, and I'm smiling and waving and projecting hello, I have a story to tell. After the story, the noise of the kids resumes, and the children will look for me, and then they'll stick their head around the corner, and see me and smile and wave and the older ones will say thank you. The younger ones say thank you, too, but in different ways. They'll present me with their favorite toy that they've come to the store with. And I'll play with the toy for a brief while, and return it to them, and admire the toy telepathically. One little girl gave me her half-eaten banana, and I mimed taking a bite and returned it to her, much to her relief. Most of the mothers are telepathic with their kids and thus with me. The uniqueness of my telling the stories is that the children usually don't hear-see telepathic pictures from men. Men are raised to be logical and to ignore the picture thought as soon as they can. So the kids getting the information from a man is a unique experience, and that's one of the reasons that I tell these stories, to have them understand that men can be telepathic too.
All children are or can be telepathic. The telepathic development starts during pre-birth. The fetus, right around the seventh month, recognizes the energy of the mother. Then it recognizes the energy of other beings that it comes in contact with, siblings, father, the family pet. So to tell the difference between the different energies, the fetus assigns them a color. Once this recognition of individual energies takes place, the basis of telepathy is developed.

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