Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The fetus or Newness as I like to call the emerging being

I am telepathic and project / broadcast my picture thoughts. That is what telepathy is, broadcast emotional picture thoughts.
Sometimes I go to the organic coop food market and picture / read a story as I project the story telepathically. The store quiets down as the children tune in to see/ listen to the picture / words telepathically.
I send the story with my picture and end by wishing them well and start my shopping. As I trip up and down the aisles, kids will turn their heads and look around the aisle ends and visualize / send a telepathic thank you. One little girl offered me to I take a bite of her half-eaten banana as a thank you, another presented her toy as a thank you. I pretended to bite the banana and hugged the doll then returned it. Moms sent their thank you telepathically.
All children can be telepathic they are born that way. In understanding telepathy, the first thing to realize is that we have 6 mind brains, yes six. The conscious mind is the judgmental mind brain. The subconscious is the picturing mind. The limbic mind brain is the intelligent switchboard coordinating that joins all the minds together – the primal mind brain controls the automatic body functions, and the cellular mind brain and the liquid mind brain that holds the frequencies that make up our memory. Together these form what I call the spherical mind brain.
The first mind brain to develop in the fetus / Newness is the cellular and the primal mind. As the Newness goes through its development stages, the primal mind is the controller of all body functions. As the newness develops the 6 mind brains develop along with it. Of all the mind brains, the conscious mind brain develops the slowest.
Around the 6th or 7th month the life energy makes itself known as a emotional life force (empathic) projection. This first awareness of the outside world for the newness is to recognize energy sources. Mom's energy is recognized first by the newness – as it becomes aware of other empathy energies it assigns them different colors. This is the first step in developing telepathic communications. As the newness develops the picture empathy it increases the active storage of memory frequencies that are kept in our liquid body mind. You recognize other energies by “not thinking” but by feeling for the empathic energy we call this process intuitive sensing.
This intuitive action is having your adult mind open to these subtle energies and remaining positive. You need to let this energy come to you, and you need to accept and welcome it, making the communication with the Newness easy.
Picture Reading to other children is more difficult to develop this ability with older children and adults. I suggest finding an old tree. Take it some gifts like old coffee grounds or lightly sugared water. Sprinkle your gift just below the ends of the largest branches and then sit with your backs on the tree's trunk. Open your 6 minds to the empathy energy of the tree. The tree's energy will be very strong so it is easy to identify. Once you feel the tree's energy you will be able to sense / feel the individual energies of your group. They will be able to sense / identify your energy too. Your minds are not “open” to all other energies. Your secrets are still your secrets. It is fun to have a silent family language – it is nice to know what a newborn's needs are.

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